NES Company

About Us

Originally founded in 1993 by a group of former employees as North Eastern Services, LLC, NES Company has a legacy of expertise developed over decades of experience with industrial pumping and heat transfer equipment. This expertise enables us to provide crucial problem solving assistance and ultimately to recommend the best solution. Over the years NES has grown from a former regional heating equipment sales company into a full service industrial distribution, design, sales, and service company.


Today NES offers a full line of aftermarket liquid ring vacuum pumps, heat transfer equipment and engineered systems. Our product lines include: liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, atmospheric air and steam ejectors, condensate units, boiler feed units, and field service. Our liquid ring vacuum pumps range in capacity from 10 CFM up to 42,000 CFM. The following is a list of our new cross-over replacements:

NCC – [Siemens 2BV replacements] – Close-coupled 2-25 HP (18-353 CFM)
NHF - [MHF] – High efficiency close coupled pumps 3,5,7 HP (30-110 CFM)
NC – [SC] – Single stage from 125 to 1100 CFM
NL – [CL] – Single stage from 300 to 10,000 CFM
NBE – [Siemens 2 and 3BE] – Single stage from 200 to 42,000 CFM
NAT – [AT] – Two stage from 1000 to 3200 CFM
N-1256 - [1256 Compressor] – 400 SCFM
NTC [Replaces TC Pumps]- 300-1200 CFM
NX [Replaces XL Series]- 150-800 CFM
NTS [Replaces SIHI and ither two stage pumps] - 120-1000 ACFM
Our line of heat transfer equipment includes:
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Plate Type Heat Exchangers
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


NES engineers are continually working to maintain a high quality stand ard. Where possible we select suppliers who are ISO or CE qualified, exercise stringent quality control, and are continually working to improve all aspects of product quality. Our new products are factory tested, inspected, and come with 2 year warranties against defects.


NES has the capability and experience to design engineered systems, specify equipment, trouble shoot, and optimize your industrial vacuum operation. We are proud to offer our expertise to help solve your toughest technical problems.

Customer Service

It is our goal to provide prompt, expert, and efficient customer service. We continue to invest in the best people and technologies to enable us to respond to your product inquiries, technical questions, and order processing needs.