Engineered Vacuum Systems


NES Company Inc. can build vacuum systems to suit a diverse set of commercial and industrial applications. Our extensive industry experience and unmatched production capabilities mean we have the ability to provide unique solutions for just about any vacuum application. We offer the following skid mounted vacuum system configurations:

1. Once Thru Systems: These systems are design with a water seal which is wasted to drain once it is exhausted from the vacuum pump. These systems are economical and require little maintenance but especially with larger pumps can consume large quantities of water. All our close-coupled NCC series vacuum pumps can be fitted with our exclusive Water-Saver™ discharge separators which can recover between 40-50% of seal water.

2. Partial Recovery Systems: These systems are designed to recover up to 50% of seal water and are only slightly more expensive than once-thru systems. We recovering seal water care must be taken to avoid over heating the pump as process heat and heat from compression are captured in the seal fluid. Temperature of seal water should not exceed approximately 175°F as a general rule. Higher temperatures are possible using alternative seal fluids but pump performance is inversely related to temperature as a general rule.

3. Full Recovery systems (Self-Contained): These systems are designed to be 100% self contained by fully re-circulating the seal fluid. This is often desirable where water usage is limited or the process requires a closed system. As a result of constantly circulating the seal fluid, these systems require some method of heat extraction to remove excessive process heat and heat from compression. Heat extraction is typically accomplished by way of a centrally cooled or air-cooled heat exchanger. Self contained systems require planned maintenance to ensure the seal fluid is free of debris and contamination.
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Please read the following white paper to learn more about these systems:

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Vacuum System Design Questionnaire

Liquid ring vacuum pumps & systems come in many sizes on configurations. Below is a form designed to help you answer the basic questions so we can help specify a system to meet your criteria. If you don’t know the answer to a question, please feel free to call us or email us and we would be happy to help you. You may also download a PDF version of this questionnaire and email it to us at your convenience:

PDF Icon Vacuum System Design Questionnaire

Vacuum System Design Questionnaire