NES Engineered Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Custom Heat Exchanger Design and Spare Parts:

NES is proud to announce that it has recently added heat exchangers to its large selection of process equipment, spare parts and repair kits. All heat exchangers are made in the US, factory performance tested, and are available in a variety of materials. NES Company Inc. offers the following series:

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers:

Operating pressure: for tubes 150 PSI.
Operating pressure: for shell 300 PSI.
Maximum Operating temperature: 300 °F.
Can be customized to meet system requirements

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers:

Thermal capacity: to 100 hp (75 Kw).
Standard ports: NPT
Optional: SAE straight thd or flange connections.
Optional: built-in bypass relief valve.
Operating temperature: 400° F
Operating pressure of 300PSI.

NES Engineered Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

NES Company Inc. can design a heat transfer system involving a wide variety of heat exchangers like plate heat exchangers (gasket or brazed plate), heat pipe heat exchangers, column condensers, recuperators, finned coil heat exchangers etc. We have the expertise and the experience to handle any kind of application and create custom designs that would satisfy your needs.

We also have a huge inventory of spare parts on all important heat exchanger brand s and can you can be assured that they are of the best built quality made with the specified materials.

Why is an heat exchanger important for your application?

Any industrial process that involves heat transfer can be made more thermally efficient by adding an heat exchanger to the process. Since energy has become expensive than never before, the use of heat exchangers has become imperative. Apart from making the process thermally efficient, heat exchangers also reduce the footprint of the heat transfer application area, and can also be easily modified to suit new requirements in terms of materials, temperatures and pressures. Please get in touch with NES Company Inc. and ask us how to make your process more efficient.