NAT Series Two-Stage/ Dual cone pumps

NAT series Two-stage/ Dual cone liquid ring vacuum pumps


1700 to 2200 CFM (high vacuum range)

NES Company is proud to offer our two-stage/dual cone NAT series liquid ring vacuum pumps. These new vacuum pumps have been designed from the ground-up as exact replacements for classic Nash* AT two stage vacuum pumps. For customers looking to replace or upgrade their existing pump this pump is a 100% internal/external drop-in replacement for Nash* AT pumps. These pumps include a 2-year warranty against manufacturer's defects and are available 1700 to 2200 CFM and vacuum levels up to 28.5"Hg.

Power Range:
75 HP to 200 HP
Capacity Range:
1000 CFM to 3200 CFM
Max Vacuum:
150 PSIG (10 bar)
Cast Iron, Bronze, SS
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  • 100% drop-in replacement for classic NASH AT 2004/2006 series.
  • All components 100% interchangeable with NASH AT series.
  • 2-Year warranty against defects.
  • Standard construction is cast Iron with 304 and 316 SS available.
  • Gland packing standard mechanical seals available as an option.


  • Power plants
  • Exhaust condensers
  • Drying
  • Exhausting
  • Filtering

NAT series pump models

Model HG RPM CFM HP Inlet(inch) Disch(inch) Seal water usage(GPM) Seal water size(inch)
NAT-1004 28.5 700-880 800-1100 60-75 2X 5 FL 2X 4 FL 30 1 NPT
NAT-2004 28.5 500-590 1500-1750 100-150 2X 6 FL 2X 5 FL 60 1 NPT
NAT-3004 28.5 400-500 2236-2766 150-200 2X 8 FL 2X 6 FL 70 1 NPT