New vs. Remanufactured Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

New vs. Remanufactured Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Is it better to buy New or Remanufactured Vacuum Pumps?

The quick depends. There are several factors that will ultimately determine which is the best choice. The following will help break it down:

1. Pump Size - Under 3000 CFM = New / Over 3000 CFM = Remanufactured:
If your liquid ring vacuum pump is approximately 3000 CFM or smaller it can often be more economical purchase a new NES drop-in replacement versus paying round trip freight to send your core in and have it remanufactured. This is especially true for small close-coupled pumps similar in size to our NCC series. This new close-coupled pumps can replace your old unit at substantial savings to rebuilding.

2. Availability - Do you have a core or not? Does NES have one?
Probably one of the single most important factors when keeping a factory, production line, or power plant running is downtime or availability. If you cannot accept down time, NES can often offer a remanufactured exchange pump for immediate installation. You return your old pump after installation is complete. The core return is typically priced as part of the transaction. In a worst case scenario where NES does not have a new or remanufactured exchange available for quick shipment NES can often offer to rebuild your existing pump. Although this involves sending you pump to us for inspection and repair, we can often complete the repair and return your pump to you in a few weeks.

3. Pump is obsolete and unavailable - Reverse Engineering
NES has successfully reverse engineered many liquid ring vacuum pumps using a combination of example parts and industry expertise. We can use state of the art solid modeling techniques to ensure your pump or parts are completed in the most accurate and time efficient manner.

Custom Engineered Vacuum Solutions

NES Company can engineer a vacuum system from 20 to 40,000 CFM. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are still unmatched vacuum producers for aggressive/corrosive and very large capacity applications. Few if any technologies have the reliability and capability of a liquid ring vacuum pump.