Industrial Silencers & Separators

Inlet/Outlet/Silencers/Separators/Mufflers and Inlet/Outlet Manifolds.

We manufacture a full range of industrial silencers and air-water separators for the industrial pumping market. Our range of silencers and water separators are high quality drop in replacements for Burgess-Manning products. We typically stock standard versions smaller diameter silencers and separators to fit liquid ring vacuum pump and compressors. Additionally, we can custom engineer and fit any application as per specifications. All these are available mostly at a fraction of cost compared to Burgess-Manning products.

Air/liquid separators are commonly used on liquid-sealed rotary positive blowers and liquid ring vacuum pumps to remove liquid and solid particles from airflow. By knocking-out excess liquid and entrained solids, your operating costs are reduced, and equipment life is extended. At the same time, our air/liquid separators effectually attenuate unwanted inlet and discharge noise. Minimizing your industrial noise level is an effective way to create a worker- friendly environment.

Industrial Silencers & Separators All Models

* Sizes 1" - 3 1/2" : Standard MNPT inlet, discharge and liquid drain (P) connections.
*Sizes 4" - 16" :Standard 125/150# ANSI drilled plate flange inlet and discharge connections and include a MNPT liquid drain (P).

Repair Kits & Mechanical Seals

* Kits typically include all gaskets, shims, & packing.
* Bearings, mechanical seals, and other major components are sold separetely.

Mechanical Seal for all NL/NC/NX series Pump.

Repair Kits & Mechanical Seals