Reliable Vacuum Pump & Compressor Solutions & Systems

Our company exemplifies enduring excellence and pioneering innovation in vacuum equipment. With decades of trusted service, we offer time-tested technology and tailored comprehensive services to meet diverse client needs.

In 1993, we spread our humble roots in Connecticut and expanded rapidly. We now thrive in New Jersey, at the forefront of the vacuum pump and compressor industry.

Our team excels in crafting custom-engineered systems and performing meticulous rebuilds to ensure optimal efficiency. We guarantee top-notch performance and offer swift, seamless drop-in replacements for Nash/Siemens liquid ring units. Additionally, we provide functional replacements tailored for Busch, Travaini, Airtech, and Edwards equipment.


NES Company Inc specializes in preventive maintenance management solutions, including routine field and Fiberscope inspections, bearing replacements, and descaling services to optimize equipment performance, reliability, and longevity. We are experts in refurbishing, repairing, remanufacturing, and rebuilding vacuum pumps and compressors to meet exacting standards. Our rebuilds guarantee efficiency at 95% to 98% of a new unit, adhering rigorously to OEM specifications. NES Company Inc also offers a swap-out program for Nash liquid ring units, ensuring seamless transitions with minimal downtime, providing exceptional value.

At our core, we excel in engineered solutions for vacuum pump and compressor needs: rotary dry screw, rotary vane, liquid ring, and roots-type apparatus. With deep expertise in designing and distributing vacuum systems, we meticulously assess client requirements and site conditions. This approach enables us to optimize efficiency and performance across diverse industrial applications through precise calculation and planning. Our dedicated execution ensures tailored solutions that consistently surpass expectations in reliability and productivity.


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