About NES Company

Reliable Vacuum Pump Supplier for New and Refurbished Vacuum Pump

Experts in Engineered Vacuum Systems Since 1993

NES Company Inc offers new liquid ring vacuum pumps/compressors, spare parts, and accessories which are drop-in replacements of Nash, Somorakis, Vooner, Flowserve, Traiviani, and other manufacturers. Our Comprehensive list of pumps runs from 5 CFM up to 42,000 CFM. Our Team of Fabricators and engineers can also build once-through, partial recirculation, and full sealant recovery systems for your rough vacuum needs. Our long list of support accessories includes inlet/outlet separators, manifolds, belt guards, mechanical seals, repair kits, bearings, and many more. So if you want a comprehensive solution for your vacuum pumps and compressors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

NES Company Inc also sells refurbished/repaired/remanufactured/rebuilt liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors from reputable manufacturers like Nash/MD Kinney/Travaini/Somarakis/Flowserve for commercial markets. We also have a swap-out program for standard Nash units. Our rebuilds are guaranteed to perform 95% or 98% compared to a new unit. NES Company does not take shortcuts in repair; each component is returned to the manufacturer’s 100% OEM Specs. So why wait? Give us a shout!

NES Company offers preventive maintenance management solutions, including field inspection, Fiberscope inspection, changing bearings, descaling pumps, and many more. If you have multiple pumps running at your facility and want a reliable partner who cares for your pumps and compressors, contact us.

We have a massive stock of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors available for immediate shipping, depending on your needs. Our team also offers engineered systems for specific applications and repair kits for standard Nash pumps. Speak with an expert today to learn about the solutions NES company can offer to get you out of the bind.