NES Company Inc.

NES Company Inc. manufactures and distributes an extensive selection of pumping equipment for the industrial, commercial, and heating markets. We specialize in Nash* liquid ring vacuum pumps. Our product lines include a large selection of replacement Nash* pumps up to 42,000 CFM, engineered systems, as well as one of the most extensive selections of remanufactured Nash* pumps.

Why Choose NES Company?

  • We offer a comprehensive range of liquid ring pumps and compressors with capacities ranging from 20 to over 42,000 CFM.
  • Many of our liquid ring pumps are drop-in replacement for Nash* or Siemens* classic liquid ring vacuum pumps.
  • Our remanufactured Nash* liquid ring vacuum pumps are offered with a 90% Performance Guarantee and a two-year guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.
  • Many times we have the pump you require in stock which means we can often quick-ship your replacement pump quickly to anywhere in the world.
  • Our products work in a wide variety of industrial and agricultural environments. We have built custom engineered systems for a vast range of industrial applications and can offer expertise to select and design the most appropriate system for your needs.
  • We carry the most common replacement liquid ring vacuum pumps in inventory, including drop-ins for Nash CL, SC and MHF series pumps as well as replacements for Siemens BE and BV series pumps. Are you running a different model? Chances are we can refurbish your existing liquid ring vacuum pump or find a custom engineered alternative.
  • All our liquid ring vacuum pumps, heat exchangers, and steam heating equipment come with 2 year warranties.
  • Many of our systems are manufactured and performance-tested in the USA ensuring the highest quality and reliable performance.

What sets our engineered vacuum systems apart?

  • We design our vacuum systems with the end user and the application in mind. For us this means designing and building a system that is engineered to meet the customers’ expectations for performance, durability, and life cycle cost. We take time interviewing the customer whenever possible to understand the fundamental concerns and values of the end user. This can mean meeting a specific set of performance criteria, bolting up to an existing system, or fabricating a system under tight time constraints.
  • We can build very specialized systems with ASME code components, sensors and controls, and hybrid pumping components for high vacuum.
  • Energy consumption is a crucial concern with any system as running costs will almost always exceed the capital investement over the life of the system. We can work with you to reduce water usage or electrical power consumption through the use of smart water controls, heat exchangers, and high efficiency motors and controls.
  • Materials of construction are a vital component of any system design. We offer systems made of cast iron, steel, many grades of stainless steel, and even Titanium, Hastelloy or other exotic materials for the most demanding applications.
  • Our staff designers can help you troubleshoot your system and provide helpful suggestions for improvement or we can send a technician on site for boroscopic inspections and performance testing.

Nes Company is proud to announce and welcome the addition of three new employees to the NES Company team! Eduardo Gomez is the company's new direct sales manager for Mexico, while Edgar Ruvalcaba is joining us as a product technician and Andres Luna as Mexico Marketing Manager.

"This is an exciting time for NES Company as we take a step forward in Mexico's market and further our operations. This continued company momentum speaks to significant market opportunity and demand for NES Company portfolio solutions" Jared Sandman, CEO of NES Company said.

Eduardo Gomez Rohwedder

NES Company Sales Engineer


Eduardo have a degree in Industrial Engineering and 10 years of electronics manufacturing experience as a Maintenance Manager and as Equipment Engineer.

Edgar Ruvalcaba Garcia

NES Company Support & Applications Engineer


Edgar have a degree in Engineering Mechatronics and 3 years of electronics process engineering experience as a Process Engineer and before that in the Quality Dept.

Andres Luna Rodriguez

Nes Company Mexico Marketing Manager


Andres have a degree in Marketing and Social Media and 4 years of experience as Community Manager and before that in Video Editing and Corporate Design.