Applications for Boosters & Blowers

The body of NES Company’s NB Series Rotary Lobe Vacuum Booster contains a pair of two-lobe rotors which spin in synchronization via gears. The lobes push the process gas at the inlet towards the outlet at rapid speeds, displacing air at predetermined rates and creating pressure differentials that are able to boost the vacuum level of a vacuum system to deeper degrees, all this with the added benefit of an observed increase in flow rate. This level of improvement is only possible with the precision manufacturing and tight tolerancing that comes with an NES Company NB Series booster. This vacuum booster series is perfect for deepening the vacuum level of systems which are processing non-condensable gasses as well as those with diminutive vacuum pump units, solving many sizing issues and balancing price with performance. These admirable qualities make the NB Series rotary lobe booster perfectly suitable for a myriad of applications.