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NSP Series – Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

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NSP pumps are a line of positive displacement, dry running pumps, where a key feature is the isolation of the pumped material, and a deep vacuum capability. The pump is capable of ultimate vacuums as high as 1Pa at ultimate vacuum capacity. The pumps are dry running, hence dry screw. All processes and pumped material are isolated from any outside fluids and lubricants using oil and mechanical seals. This makes these pumps ideal for industries where clean operations are required, as well as industries where toxic and highly corrosive gases are used.

NSP units use a pair of helical screw rotors rotating against each other to axially move the process material to the outlet port. The Variable pitch design of the rotors leads to a significantly greater energy efficiency compared to other constant pitch designs, where most of the compression of the process gas is done at the outlet end plate. The variable pitch rotors compress the gas throughout the body of the pump, leading to more effective cooling and significantly reduces energy requirements to run the pump.
The pump can be driven though wither a belt or coupling transmission. The power from the motor is then used to drive the screws which turn against one another by a geared connection. The opposing directions of rotation cause the screws to drive process gas inside the chamber of the pump axially down the pump towards the outlet port.

About NSP Series

Models: NSP-150, 300, 400, 800, 1500, 3000


Efficiency: The variable pitch screws lead to lower overall energy consumption by the pump system.
Clean: No contact between the process gas and any oil or water in the pump.
Low Maintenance: Only requires simple oil changes on regular, lengthy intervals.
Access to Parts: NES Company stands alone in the industry by offering spare parts for DIY repair.
Pressure ranges from atmospheric (760 torr) to 5 x 10-2 torr.
Versatility: Usable in a very wide range of industries with very different pumping needs.
Reliability under even the harshest pumping loads and conditions.


NSP Series – Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

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Model Flow Capacity Power Rating Ultimate Vacuum Pressure Rotation Speed Exhaust Method Cooling Water Connection Cooling Water Flow Rate Seal Purge Gas Flow Rate Weight
150 77 5 0.01 3500 Bottom 1/2 1.32-2.64 1.32-3.96 419
300 177 10 7.5 × 10-3 2.64-3.96 750
400 235 15 992
600 353 20 0.01 3.96-5.28 1.32-5.28 1058
800 471 7.5 × 10-3 1323
1000 589 25 0.01 Side 5.28-6.60 1499
1500 883 50 0.05 1750 1 7.93-10.57 3.96-6.60 3527
2500 1471 75 13.21-14.53 2976
3000 1766 10.57-13.21 5512

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