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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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    Duplex Rotary Vane- Medical Vacuum System

    Duplex Rotary Vane – Medical Vacuum System

    NES Company Inc introduces the Duplex rotary vane tank-mounted 1-10 HP Rotary Vane vacuum systems. The systems are completely packaged NFPA 99 and NEC Compliant assembly featuring rotary vane vacuum pumps, U.L. listed control cabinet, an ASME receiver, and the accessories required to meet and exceed the current code requirements.

    All components are piped and wired to single-point service connections. The only field connections are air intake, air discharge and power at the control panel. All interconnecting piping and wiring is complete and operationally tested prior to shipment. Liquid tight conduit, fittings and junction boxes are provided for all control and power wiring.

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    NDRV Series – Dry Running Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

    NDRV Series – Dry Running Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps – Small Capacity

    NES Company proudly introduces our NDRV dry-running single-stage compact rotary vane vacuum pump series. The series comes in capacities from 4-17 CFM and vacuum levels up to 27” Hg. The carbon vanes are designed for a smooth replacement process and are built sturdy. The dry running feature of the pump minimizes environmental impact by voiding the risk of oil contamination of process gasses and waste gas discharge. All of this leads us at NES Company Inc. to confidently state that this pump series is built with the future in mind.

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    NRV Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

    NRV Series – Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps


    NRV pumps are a line of oil circulated rotary vane vacuum pumps, perfect for smaller applications. The pumps function by utilizing the sealing features of oil around the pump chamber to seal incoming gases between a series of vanes on its rotor. A key characteristic here are the vanes that are pushed against the pump chamber by springs or hydraulic pressure. The vanes move in and out of the rotor during operation of the pump. The oil is spread around the pump chamber by the vanes, and this completes the seal of the pump chamber.

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    NTRV Series – Oil Circulated Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps


    NES Company Inc. introduces our latest line of rotary vane vacuum pumps, the NTRV oil circulated two stage rotary vane vacuum pump series. These small pumps are able to generate levels of vacuum up to 1×10-3 torr at flow rates between 2 and 64 CFM and 0.16 to 60 HP. The NTRV Series is meticulously machined and carefully crafted for tight tolerances resulting in low noise and low vibration designs that create a safe and comfortable environment for both pump and operator.

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