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NRV Series – Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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NRV pumps are a line of oil circulated rotary vane vacuum pumps, perfect for smaller applications. The pumps function by utilizing the sealing features of oil around the pump chamber to seal incoming gases between a series of vanes on its rotor. A key characteristic here are the vanes that are pushed against the pump chamber by springs or hydraulic pressure. The vanes move in and out of the rotor during operation of the pump. The oil is spread around the pump chamber by the vanes, and this completes the seal of the pump chamber.

The oil in a rotary vane pump is recycled during operation, allowing for a long service life with little maintenance requirements. The pump circulates its oil by first discharging it along with the pressurized process gas and then separating the oil from the process gas. This is done in a separator attached to the side of the rotary vane pump. This makes the closed circulation loop of the oil and allows the pump to operate without the need for additional process hardware, depending on process gas. The oil gets filtered after separation through an oil filter, meaning the pump can tolerate a given amount of fine particulates without damage or drop in performance. This makes the pumps robust and reliable.

About NRV Series

Models: NRV-20, 31, 41, 64, 101, 161, 201, 251, 301


Efficiency: The variable pitch screws lead to lower overall energy consumption by the pump system.
Environmentally Friendly: No unnecessary emissions and little contamination of pumped materials.
Low Maintenance: Only requires simple oil changes on regular, lengthy intervals.
Access to Parts: NES Company stands alone in the industry by offering spare parts for DIY repair.
Pressure ranges from atmospheric (760 torr) to .375 torr.
Versatility: Usable in a very wide range of industries with very different pumping needs.
Reliability under even the harshest pumping loads and conditions.


NRV Series – Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps



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