Aerospace Ring Pumps

Aerospace ring pumps

The scope of Aerospace is broad and encompasses military, civil, and industrial applications. Liquid Ring Pumps and Compressors are vital for creating vacuum or compression to achieve various objectives in the aerospace industry, as listed below:

Carburetor Testing: Pressure and Vacuum are needed to determine leaks in Carburetor testing. Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors offer such duality in moving toward pressure and vacuum when needed. Together with soap bubble testing and helium testing, microcracks are deciphered. This is a critical step in accepting or rejecting a carburetor.

Altitude Chambers: Altitude chambers require liquid ring vacuum pumps/compressors to remove air or compress at a constant rate to simulate atmospheric conditions of climbing & falling altitude. These are perfectly achieved using liquid ring compressors and vacuum pumps. Such conditions are required for research and training purposes.

Vacuum Filling: Vacuum filling involves creating a vacuum on the filling bottle; such a vacuum sucks the liquid into the filling bottle at a controlled rate giving a smooth filling and accurate level control. Liquid ring pumps and compressors are perfect for removing air and achieving a rough vacuum. Since a liquid ring is a rugged piece of equipment, impurities are usually sucked and passed out in the vacuum circuit without damaging the vacuum unit.

Vacuum Chucking for Holding and Handling Parts: Aerospace industry works on parts to ensure precision measurements. A vacuum is helpful as it holds the workpiece tightly using a minimum surface area until the work is done. Vacuum is also involved in lifting parts. Close-coupled Liquid Ring pumps are better designed to create a vacuum in the worktable. Being small and compact, they are suited for this application. Generating a vacuum right where it’s needed eliminates the piping issues and is an economical energy use.

Wind Tunnel: Wind Tunnel simulates conditions of flight. In a wind tunnel, large volumes of air are moved to emulate actual flying experiences. Various parts of an aircraft or even the whole aircraft’s aerodynamic profile are studied in such wind tunnels for devising various ways to improve the energy consumption associated with flying. The liquid ring vacuum pump can move large volumes of air to simulate such experiences. Our NBE series, N904 Series, and NL series pumps can be used for such purposes.

• Altitude Chambers
• Assembly
• Engine Testing
• Holding/Chucking
• Material Handling
• Wind Tunnels

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