Uses Of Liquid Ring Pump In Agriculture

Liquid Ring Pump In Agriculture

The use of vacuum is essential in various applications in agriculture, such as barge loading, conveying, dehydrating, flash cooling, and milking. The powerful suction force is put to the test in the agricultural industry.

Barge Unloading: The heart of the barge unloading system relies on a constant vacuum to move dry and bulk particulate material from the barge to storage silos. Adequate storage in Silos and unloading is carried out by vacuum generated from our vacuum pumps. Our large pumps, such as the NBE series and N904 Series, are best suited for the application.

Vacuum Conveying: Vacuum conveying use the pressure differential created by a liquid ring pump to move solids. Vacuum conveying is particularly energy efficient because it packs solids in a small space. Particles are then subjected to atmospheric pressure to separate and flow by action of gravity or by centrifugal force. One significant advantage of vacuum conveying is the aspect of dust free environment.

Dehydration/Drying: Dehydration is a method to improve the shelf life of food items. Preservation is achieved by moisture removal to prevent bacteria and yeast from thriving. Liquid ring pumps help to lower pressure so that the boiling point of moisture can be reached at lower temperatures, eliminating the need for excessively high temperatures, which causes denaturing of proteins.

Flash Cooling/ Vaporization: Flash Cooling is a beneficial method of removing water. An airtight chamber is maintained where the porus product is introduced at one end. A liquid ring pump removes all the air, reducing pressure and removing the entrained moisture rapidly. Such cooling is associated with cooling, and the integrity of the food product is intact since it does not disintegrate under heat and is especially useful for storage devoid of moisture. Juices are concentrated using flash cooling.

Milking: Milking is a process of removing milk from the mammary glands of cattle, achieved by vacuuming. Liquid ring pumps aid in creating a vacuum for the suction cups for the process to be faster using a machine milking process.

• Barge Unloading
• Conveying
• Dehydration/Drying
• Flash Cooling/Vaporization
• Milking

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