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NX Series – Single Cone Pumps & Compressors

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NES NX Series vacuum pumps are engineered as direct replacements for the Nash classic Vectra XL / GL series, designed to deliver robust performance and durability. Featuring sturdy cast iron construction and a single cone design, NX pumps ensure exceptional stability and reliable operation, even under challenging conditions such as sudden water and particle slugs. Engineered to excel in moist and dirty environments, NX Series pumps are ideal for applications such as vacuum slot extraction, resin kettle exhausting, and various drying processes. Additionally, each NES NX Series vacuum pump comes with a comprehensive 2-year factory warranty, providing quality assurance and peace of mind against manufacturer’s defects.


About NX Series

  • Models: NX-35, NX-45, NX-60, NX-80, NX-100, NX-130, NX-150, NX-250, NX-350, and NX-500
  • Power Range: 6 to 60 HP
  • Capacity Range: 60 to 940 CFM
  • Maximum Vacuum: Up to 28” Hg
  • Maximum Compression: Up to 30 psig
  • Materials of Construction (MOC): Stainless Steel 304 and Stainless Steel 316; Cast Iron available for select models upon inquiry


  • Capable of operation with variable frequency drives. Enhances control and efficiency through variable speed operation.
  • Serves as a drop-in replacement for XL / GL series. Ensures seamless compatibility and easy installation.
  • Maintains capability to sustain back pressures. Ensures effective operation under varying pressure conditions.
  • Offers flexibility with a variety of mechanical seals. Allows customization to suit different applications.
  • Constructed with Cast Iron and mechanical seals as standard. Provides durable performance as a baseline configuration.
  • Optional upgrades to Stainless Steel 304 / Stainless Steel 316 construction. Available for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Readily available parts and repair kits. Facilitate convenient maintenance and serviceability.
  • Available as a bare pump or compressor, or as part of engineered systems. Offers versatility in application integration.
  • Undergoes performance testing to ensure reliability. Confirms efficiency and reliability upon delivery.
  • Includes a 2-year factory warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Provides assurance of product reliability and peace of mind.


Central Vacuum System, Chemical Processing, Chucking, Cooking, Deaeration, Drying, Evaporating, Exhausting Molding, Extruder Venting, Fiber Setting, Molding, Slot Extraction

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NX Series: Single Cone Vacuum Pump Models

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Series Name Replaces Nash Motor Power [HP] CFM Max Operating Vacuum [“HgV] Inlet [inch] Outlet [inch] Seal Water Usage [GPM] Seal Water Connection Size [inch]
NX-35 XL-35 6-12 60-100 28 3 FL 2 FL 1.5-3.0 0.5 NPT
NX-45 XL-45 8.5-16.5 80-140 28 3 FL 2 FL 1.5-3.0 0.5 NPT
NX-60 XL-60 11-16 80-190 28 4 FL 3 FL 5-10 0.75 NPT
NX-80 XL-80 16-32 120-260 28 4 FL 3 FL 5-10 0.75 NPT
NX-100 XL-100 16-34 120-300 28 4 FL 4 FL 6-12 1 NPT
NX-130 XL-130 20-45 180-400 28 4 FL 4 FL 6-12 1 NPT
NX-150 XL-150 15-60 100-940 28 6 FL 4 FL 12-24 1 NPT

For information on NX compressors, speak to a representative.

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