Mining Industry Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump & Compressors

Mining Industry Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Compressors

Mining Advanced Filtration and Separation

Iron Ore mining, gold mining, alumina mining, copper mining, titanium dioxide mining, etc. all require mining industry liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors. NES Company offers mining liquid ring pumps and compressors for the following applications during the mining process vacuum filtration, waste gas recovery, and methane gas extraction applications.

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    • Vacuum Filtration
    • Methane Gas Extraction
    • Degassing
    • Dehydration/Drying
    • Filtration
    • Methane Recovery

    NCC Close-Coupled Series (20 – 350 C.F.M.)
    NHF Close-Coupled Series (30 – 110 C.F.M.)
    NC Single Stage Series (200 – 1,100 C.F.M.)
    NL Single Stage Series (400 – 10,000 C.F.M.)
    NBE High-Capacity Series (200 – 42,000 C.F.M.)
    NES Remanufactured Pumps (Up to 14,000 C.F.M.)

    Vacuum Filtration
    Liquid Ring vacuum pumps provide the driving force to remove water from ore cakes in drum filters. Since the liquid ring already requires water to create a vacuum, the extra water that is a by product of the separation is handled well by Conical Lobe Liquid Ring pumps.

    NES Company Provides an extensive portfolio of conical lobe liquid ring pumps to suit the application. Moreover, NES company also provides cladded and stainless steel fitted pumps to go the extra mile in preventing corrosion failure for vacuum pumps. NES company also offers to rebuild existing mining industry liquid ring vacuum pumps back to factory tolerances, with a 95% performance guarantee against a new unit. We also provide spares that fit the existing Nash Vacuum Pump, both in function and performance.

    Waste Gas Recovery
    Metal is extracted from its ore by a process involving heating and melting at higher temperatures. Such a process is called smelting, which takes place in a blast furnace. To move chemical equilibrium towards the process, off-gasses must be removed rapidly to drive the reaction towards the desired outcome.

    Mining industry liquid ring compressors are utilized to move the gasses and store them at a Positive pressure for further processing. Liquid ring compressors provide a unique advantage as most gasses are corrosive and explosive. Also, the rugged design of the liquid ring ensures that corrosive gasses, which cause acid formation, do not corrode equipment. NES Provides stainless steel Co2 compressors for the application. Our N904 series is designed to work under such challenging conditions.

    Methane Gas Extraction
    Marsh Gas/Methane deposits itself inside the pockets of Mines when removing coal or other hydrocarbons, posing a challenge of ignition upon contact with the atmosphere. The risk is mitigated by safely moving methane out using mining industry liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors.

    As the liquid ring utilizes isothermal compression, the outgas from the outlet of the liquid ring has the same temperature as the inlet gas, mitigating the risk of explosion and subsequent life loss. NES Company offers NX Series and NBE Series compressors/Vacuum Pumps with Mechanical Seal options and skids to do this process safely.