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Remanufactured SC Series Pumps

NES Company, Inc. stocks remanufactured SC series vacuum pumps available with core exchange in cast iron and stainless steel (limited availability). We typically stock SC-2 through SC-7. These remanufactured liquid ring vacuum pumps are part of our pump exchange program; this means we can ship out a replacement pump from the stock before receiving the core in return. This program saves you time and money by eliminating any downtime waiting for your pump to get repaired. All remanufactured pumps include a core exchange with returned freight prepaid.

About Remanufactured Pumps

NES Company Inc sells refurbished/repaired/remanufactured/rebuilt liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors from reputable manufacturers like Nash/MD Kinney/Travaini/Somorakis/Flowserve for commercial markets. We also have a swap-out program for standard Nash units. Our rebuilds are guaranteed to perform 95% or more compared to a new unit. NES Company does not take shortcuts in repair, and each component is returned to the manufacturer’s 100% OEM Specs. So why wait? Give us a shout!We have a massive stock of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors available for immediate shipping, depending on your needs. Our team also offers engineered systems for specific applications and repair kits for standard Nash pumps. Speak with an expert today to learn about the solutions NES company can offer to get you out of the bind.


Liquid Ring Pump and Compressors- by Nash and Somarakis.- NES Repair Policy.

NES Company proudly boasts our repairs have lasted and proven the test of time our 904 and CL 9003 have lasted 28 years . All our repairs are made in America our parts and labor are imperial.

Repair Protocol

NES Company performs repairs on all Nash and Somarakis pump units. No matter what pump we tare, an inspection is completed, and an inspection report is documented. The inspection covers critical tolerances and dimensions per factory specifications, and a quote is generated with pictures and a Bill Of Materials for the repair. The individual parts of the pump are all sandblasted or pressure cleaned, and the repair process begins. The specifics of the procedure depend on the building material of the pump. Repairs are available for the assembly, body, heads, cones, shaft, or rotor, depending on the need.

Pump assembly repair procedure is the same for all pumps. The assembly is examined to confirm that the correct parts had been used to construct the pump, including but not limited to bearings, lip seals, and check valves. New replacements are purchased and assembled according to OEM specifications.

For all pumps, the body end fittings and compression areas are examined to confirm proper sizing. For cast iron, the fittings are pre-machined to accept stainless steel shroud rings. The rings are welded and the fittings are machined to OEM dimensions. The compression area is welded with nickel wire when necessary and machined to OEM specifications. For stainless steel, the body internals are pre-machined to accept a stainless-steel plate, rolled to size, and shroud fit rings. The rings are welded in place, the plate is welded to the internals, and the body is machined to OEM dimensions.

All pump heads are checked in their critical areas for proper sizing and concentricity. Bearing bores and stuffing boxes are sleeved and machined to size. Worn head faces are welded with nickel wire and machined to OEM dimensions. For stainless steel, the head faces are pre-machined to accept the stainless-steel plate that is rolled to fit the face. Applicable areas are welded, and the rest is attached with stainless steel countersunk screws.

All pump cone repair begins with machining the cone tapers outer diameter of the cone tapers. For cast iron, the outer diameter is machined to alleviate wear and eccentricity. For stainless steel, it is machined to accept a quarter-inch thick stainless-steel skin. The skin is welded onto the worn cone, the porting is cut, and it is machined to size. All pump cone bolting flanges are machined as needed to their true mounting surfaces.

Pump shaft repair begins with assessing wear in the bearing journals, lip seals, and packing areas. If the wear is significant, the areas are sleeved and machined to size.

Pump rotor repair varies drastically depending on the material. For cast iron, blade tip erosion is repaired first. For stainless steel-clad pumps, the outer diameter of the rotor shrouds is machined for stainless steel rings. The rings are welded on and machined according to OEM dimensions, and then the rotor vane tips and buckets are repaired. In all pumps, rotor tapers are pre-machined for nickel welding as a method of dimension correction and machined according to OEM dimensions. The shaft is reinstalled into the rotor, and the shaft assembly is correctly aligned so that all fittings are concentric. The repair ends with rotor balancing when necessary.

If the pump or compressor has mechanical seals, we send the mechanical seals for refurbishing at a nearby location.

NES Company boasts a no-shortcuts policy: no epoxy or metalizing spray is used to build dimensions. In addition to this, we offer a 98% performance warranty on a new Pump either from Nash or from Somarakis. NES Company has a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects on our rebuilds. NES company also performs fiberscope inspection and preventive maintenance schedules.

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