NTS Series

Double-Stage Port Plate Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

100 to 280 CFM

NES Company Inc. is proud to offer our new two stage NTS series liquid ring vacuum pumps. These pumps have a low maintenance, simple and reliable design capable of handling a variety of gases over a wide range of suction pressure. High quality standard mechanical seals ensure reliable sealing and low shaft friction. All NES pumps are factory performance tested and guaranteed for a period of two years.

About NTS Series

Models: NTS - 140, 180, 300, 350 & 400
Power range: 7.5 - 25 HP
Capacity range: 100 - 280 CFM
Max vacuum: 28.9” Hg


Wide Range of Suction Pressure [4” – 28.9“ Hg].
Standard Construction is Cast Iron with 304. Stainless Steel Impeller and shaft mechanical seals.
Optional full 304 or 316 Stainless Steel construction.
Available with optional single or double cartridge mechanical seals for better sealing.
Available as a bare shaft pump or as part of an engineered system.
2-year factory warranty.


Vacuum Drying
Pulp and Paper
Power Plants

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