Petrochemical Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry plays a significant role in modern society, manufacturing the products that make clothing, tires, packaging, digital devices, detergents, and countless other items possible. Creating these items may involve processing media at extreme pressures and temperatures, which can waste resources and place personnel at risk without the right equipment.

Whether you need to effectively and safely handle gases and liquids or overcome damp, dusty, corrosive, or flammable environments, a liquid ring vacuum pump system from NES gets the job done. As a leading refurbished liquid ring pump supplier, we can develop a bespoke vacuum solution for your chemical application. As a result, you’ll be able to maximize output and efficiency while minimizing maintenance and hazards.

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    • Ethanol Production
    • Solvent/Vapor Recovery
    • Vacuum Filtration
    • Chlorine Compression
    • Hydrogen Compression
    • Vinyl Chloride Recovery
    • Condensor Holding/Hogging
    • Conveying
    • De-aeration
    • De-gassing
    • De-hydration/Drying
    • Flue gas desulfurization
    • Fly Ash Conveying
    • Priming
    • Transformer Oil Purification
    • Turbine Gland Exhausting

    NCC Close-Coupled Series (20 – 350 C.F.M.)
    NHF Close-Coupled Series (30 – 110 C.F.M.)
    NC Single Stage Series (200 – 1,100 C.F.M.)
    NL Single Stage Series (400 – 10,000 C.F.M.)
    NBE High-Capacity Series (200 – 42,000 C.F.M.)
    NES Remanufactured Pumps (Up to 14,000 C.F.M.)

    Why Are Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Ideal For Petrochemical Applications?
    In petrochemical applications, chemical reactions are used in the synthesis of compounds. During this process, a vacuum is needed to avoid high temperatures, improve purity, and remove oxygen or secondary products, among other things.

    Offering maximum efficiency at varying vacuum levels and rugged reliability, liquid ring vacuum pumps can effectively reduce boiling points, avoid adverse chemical reactions, and remove water particles without the cost or maintenance requirements of other equipment. More benefits include:

    • Reliable Operation
    • Minimal Maintenance
    • Simple Operation
    • Superior Functionality
    • Easy Processing
    • Compact Design
    • Uniform Results

    Get A Custom Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump For Petrochemical Process Improvement

    Our area of expertise is helping clients obtain the liquid ring vacuum pump they need at an affordable price. With knowledgeable engineers and quality-minded technicians in-house, we can develop a vacuum solution for any budget and process complexity.

    Our vacuum pumps and skids can range from 20 to 42,000 cubic feet per minute with mild to deep vacuums. They can be manufactured using carbon or stainless steel skids and incorporate control panels, instrumentation, fault handling, and central MES integration.

    We can also provide custom PLC logic to manage your skid for optimal performance and minimal downtime. Process automation can integrate recipe management and PID control.

    Comprehensive Petrochemical Liquid Ring Vacuum System Services

    In addition to supplying refurbished liquid ring vacuum pumps and control systems to the petrochemicals industry, we also keep your existing equipment working correctly. Our team of highly trained, courteous technicians can maintain or rebuild services.

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