Power Generation

Power Generation

NES Company Inc. can engineer skid mounted condenser exhauster packages which are designed for steam cycle power plants. These are typically high vacuum/two stage cast iron systems that reduce turbine back pressure, improve heat rates, and reduce production costs. Other applications include fly ash conveying, condenser water box priming, vacuum dearators, and geothermal exhaust condensers. Our solutions for liquid ring vacuum system applications are economical and up to industry standards.

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    • Condenser Exhausting
    • Water box priming
    • Fly Ash Conveying
    • Turbine Gland Exhausting
    • Vacuum Deaeration
    • Flu Gas Desulfurization
    • Condenser Priming (Hogging)
    Geothermal Degasing

    NAT Two Stage Series (700 – 3,000 C.F.M.)
    NL Single Stage Series (400 – 10,000 C.F.M.)
    NBE High-Capacity Series (200 – 42,000 C.F.M.)
    NES Remanufactured Pumps (Up to 14,000 C.F.M.)