Liquid Ring Pumps in Laboratory Vacuum Applications

Liquid Ring Pumps in Laboratory Vacuum Applications

Liquid Ring Pump Applications

Laboratory applications are generally low-flow (CFM) processes. Distillation and vacuum drying setups are standard in laboratory applications. A wide range of gases is usually handled in laboratories, including highly corrosive and flammable ones.

Due to their inherent design, liquid rings can handle slugs of water and corrosive and flammable gases and work well at low temperatures, making them ideally suited for challenging laboratory environments.

Liquid ring pumps are used in the roughing stage of the vacuum process, often in high vacuum applications where multistage vacuum equipment is selected. Liquid rings are paired with blowers where a little deeper vacuum is needed.

Liquid ring pumps use a rotating impeller to create a liquid ring that compresses the gas in the pump chamber, creating a vacuum. The liquid used in the pump also acts as a sealant, preventing any gas from escaping the chamber. This makes the pump ideal for applications requiring a tight seal, such as vacuum drying processes.

Another benefit of liquid ring pumps is their minimal maintenance requirements, making them a cost-effective option for many laboratory applications. They also tend to be relatively quiet in operation when paired with a silencer separator, which can be beneficial in laboratory settings where noise levels must be controlled.

In summary, liquid ring pumps are an effective and reliable option for laboratory vacuum applications where moderate vacuum levels are needed, and a wide range of gases may be present. They are particularly useful in processes that require a tight seal and low operating temperatures.

Our NCC series has stood the test of time and is the most preferred liquid ring pump in laboratory vacuum applications. The pump has a small footprint due to its close-coupled design, mechanical seal, and excellent performance in the low vacuum range. In addition, the stainless steel 304 impeller is perfect for handling a variety of gases and, occasionally, slugs of water.

• Distillation
• Solvent Recovery
• Vapor Recovery

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