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NDRV Series – Dry Running Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

The NDRV Series rotary vane pumps are completely air-cooled in a compact design; the size of the pump allows for fan cooling to be sufficient for operation. The design allows for easy access to the inner chamber for quick and simple repair and maintenance; this pump is easy to pick apart and put together. Built in an automated machining facility with manual quality control, the material and operation are sure to satisfy. Perfect for tight spaces, the NDRV Series has a small volume and low weight. The compact nature of the pumps also allows for low noise and low vibration levels for upgraded stability and comfort in any environment. These pumps are the most compact of rotary vanes, from 4 to 17 CFM, and spanning ultimate vacuum levels up to 27” Hg vac. for rough vacuum applications. The NDRV Series runs completely dry inside, making it perfect for food, medical, and chemical applications that require zero cross-contamination of discharged process gasses.

About NDRV Series

Models: NDRV 120, 140, 280, 480
Power range: 0.16 to 1 HP
Capacity range: 4 to 17 CFM
Ultimate vacuum level: up to 27” HgV.


Air-cooled compact design makes installation easy in tight spaces.
Dry-running with composite carbon vanes for clean self-lubrication, eliminating contamination of process gasses.
Low noise and low vibration levels for operator comfort and higher structural stability.
Robust and simple construction for extended service life and easy maintenance.
Kits are available for DIY repairs and parts replacements on NES NDRV Series models.


Vacuum Packing, Vacuum Printing, Medical Instruments, Vacuum Adhesion

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NDRV Series – Dry Running Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps All Models Chart

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Model Capacity (CFM) Ultimate Pressure (in. Hg vac.) Ultimate Pressure (bar) Power (ϕ/Hz/HP) Motor Rating (ϕ/Hz/VAC) Nominal Speed (RPM) Sound Level (dB) Weight (lbs.)
NDRV 120 4 27 1.0 1/60/0.16 1/60/220 3600 58 20
NDRV 140 5 27 1.0 1/60/0.34 1/60/220 1725 58 30
NDRV 280 10 27 1.0 3/60/0.75
1/60/220 3/60/220,380 1725 68 56
NDRV 480 17 27 1.0 3/60/1
1/60/220 3/60/220,380 1725 75 66

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